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Google Possum Update 3 Things You Need to Know for Local SEO

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On September 1, 2016, Google launched a massive local algorithm update. “Possum”, as it is now known as in the SEO community. While we are still learning the full implications of this update, there are a few things we do know.

The evidence seems to show this update only impacted ranking in the 3-pack and Local Finder (Local results or Google Maps results).

The main purpose of this update was to diversify the local results and also prevent spam from ranking as well.

Some in the industry are calling this the biggest update to Local since Pigeon in 2014.

In this video, we will talk about 3 of the most important impacts this update has had on the local search results.

1. Businesses outside the physical city boundaries are getting better visibility.

2. Google has turned up the heat on address filtering.

3. The results are being more tailored to specific users.
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How To Rank YouTube Videos - YouTube Video Ranking 2016

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In this video I will show you how to rank youtube video. I will teach you to actually do youtube video ranking following a few simple steps that you can implement today and see results.

Okay in this video you learn how to rank videos on youtube using high keywords and seo tools.YouTube Video Ranking 2016 is not as hard as you think and with the right knowledge everything is possible.

Did you know that youtube is actually the 2nd largest search engine right after google?

This means you can drive of traffic to your website using youtube and with michael koehler strategies it will be very easy to rank.

On top of all that if your video is positioned on the main page of Youtube you will get a lot of activity to what ever you're elevating to the commercial center. In the event that you don't considerably try to rank your video you have a 0% possibility of driving any movement to your item.

Here is a little summary of the three main things of this video:

1. Be sure to do some serious keywords research. The keyword dictates where the journey is going.

2. Make sure you optimize your Video Title, Description and Tags for the keyword(s) you have chosen this will let you know how to rank youtube videos fast

3. Share your youtube video on social media, add backlinks etc.

In this course on how to rank YouTube videos on Google, I will also be covering topics such as: Building your YouTube channel authority.
So this being said we have to also consider one important fact.
This is all about How to rank youtube videos fast in 24 hours without any issues I promise you.

You wanna learn how to do Youtube video ranking? This is the video for you then!
Youtube video ranking - rank youtube video in less than 24 hours.

I really hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions please let me know! So now you know how to rank videos high on youtube.

But if you still don't know how to rank video on google or youtube first page then please just watch the video again and also check out Tube Millionaire!

But do you know what's really important when it comes to how to rank videos on youtube? It is the fact that you have to know the secrets on how to do it. Can nobody beat that!

You can increase youtube video rankings just by following these few simply steps that I am teaching you and that's the main key to youtube video ranking.

So that's it for today and I know now you have all the knowledge on how to rank videos on youtube.
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Bringing HTTPS to all blogspot domain blogs

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[Cross-posted from the Google Security Blog]

HTTPS is fundamental to internet security; it protects the integrity and confidentiality of data sent between websites and visitors' browsers. Last September, we began rolling out HTTPS support for blogspot domain blogs so you could try it out. Today, we’re launching another milestone: an HTTPS version for every blogspot domain blog. With this change, visitors can access any blogspot domain blog over an encrypted channel.
The HTTPS indicator in the Chrome browser
As part of this launch, we're removing the HTTPS Availability setting. Even if you did not previously turn on this setting, your blogs will have an HTTPS version enabled.

We’re also adding a new setting called HTTPS Redirect that allows you to opt-in to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS. While all blogspot blogs will have an HTTPS version enabled, if you turn on this new setting, all visitors will be redirected to the HTTPS version of your blog at https://<your-blog> even if they go to http://<your-blog> If you choose to turn off this setting, visitors will have two options for viewing your blog: the unencrypted version at http://<your-blog> or the encrypted version at https://<your-blog>
The new HTTPS Redirect setting in the Blogger dashboard
Please be aware that mixed content may cause some of your blog's functionality not to work in the HTTPS version. Mixed content is often caused by incompatible templates, gadgets, or post content. While we're proactively fixing most of these errors, some of them can only be fixed by you, the blog authors. To help spot and fix these errors, we recently released a mixed content warning tool that alerts you to possible mixed content issues in your posts, and gives you the option to fix them automatically before saving.

Existing links and bookmarks to your blogs are not affected by this launch, and will continue to work. Please note that blogs on custom domains will not yet have HTTPS support.

This update expands Google's HTTPS Everywhere mission to all blogspot domain blogs. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to make future improvements.

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Introduction to Google Search Console

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Search Console lets you tell Google about your site or app, fix errors to improve search visibility, and track site performance in search results.
What do you use Search Console mainly for?
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I Want To Be Ranked By Tomorrow

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ranked by tomorrow photo
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Maximize your online strategy and search performance

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Published on 5.03.2015
Before we dive into our 4-week series on mobile-friendliness (, join us as we go over the basics of search performance and strategy. We'll review tips and tools to create your online strategy, measure your search performance, and choose the right partner to design and manage your mobile website.
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8 Simple Steps to SEO

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8 Simple Steps to SEO Infographic
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How To Steal SEO Traffic From Your Competitors

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Want to rank higher than your competitors? Reverse engineer their content, create something better, replicate the links they have and, chances are, you will outrank them! In this tutorial you will learn how to piggyback your competitors' content marketing efforts, so that to find the best content ideas you should focus a lot of effort on. Sounds good? Let's get started!
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Basics of a mobile website

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By: Google Webmasters
Learn the tools: PageSpeed Insights, Mobile-Friendly Test and Mobile-Usability
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My YouTube SEO Playlist

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Check out my Search engine optimization playlist on YouTube!

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