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Free Blogger Templates: SEO & Responsive Themes

Professionally designed and search engine optimized Blogger themes are quick and cost-effective way to give your blog a boost in SERP. Check out my page with free responsive blogger templates.

Thesis SEO Template

This is one high-quality and free Blogger template created by Blog Juragan.

Thesis SEO Blogger Template


  • Load fast
  • Visitor friendly
  • Auto "read more" function
  • Dinamic headings: HOMEPAGE: <H1> for blog title and <H2> for blog posts; POST PAGES: <H1> for post title and <H2> for blog title.
  • Metatags description and keywords included (you must change that later to avoid duplicate meta description & keywords)

Download & Installation:

  1. Download the main file.
  2. Go to "Template" section and click "Backup / Restore" button.
  3. Upload the file you've just downloaded in step 1.

About this free theme:

This template is inspired by the Thesis wordpress theme.
Wordpress by Chris Pearson - Blogger by Belajar SEO Blogspot

Ston SEO Template

Ston SEO Theme supports a good ad placement.

ston seo template mobile version


  • Responsive
  • Valid CSS3
  • Valid HTML5 (all pages)
  • SEO Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • Postmeta on the homepage, post, and static pages.
  • HCard Author and update on the homepage, post, and static pages.
  • Elegant Design
  • Custom Error Page
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Related Post
  • Share Button Social Media
  • Thread Comment Hack With Emoticons
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Search Box
  • Sticky Social Media

Download & Installation:

  1. Download the main file.
  2. Go to "Template" section and click "Backup / Restore" button.
  3. Upload the file you've just downloaded in step 1

About this free theme:

Blogger Templates by KATA SHARE:
This template is one of the first I've made since I was maximized in terms of SEO, is equipped with a complete and meta tags important for seo.
If you want to give your blog a quick jump up in its Google ranking without spending a lot of time or money, using an SEO-optimized free template is an excellent way to start. These templates features fast load times, a user-friendly interface, dynamic headings and meta tags. For those just dipping their toes into the world of SEO, these free templates are a great place to start getting a feel for how exactly a SEO-optimized website functions and is indexed by Google very quickly. If you are experiencing any problems while changing your blog theme, then please let me know in the comments. Cheers!


  1. Nice post. SEO is tricky….I’m following this blog now. Look forward to your posts on SEO.
    your concept is right. i think this way too. thanks for explaining it well.



    1. The Best of Blogspot Template for Ads placement



  2. This is what I've been looking for since last week, I haven't got the time to check for the templates but it's a good thing that i was sent to your page. This is very helpful for me. Thanks for posting. Keep on posting please. You may also want to check for this one ClickMinded SEO Training

  3. I like this template. It so clean white and super seo :)

    1. Thanks for sharing great information in your blog. Got to learn new things from your Blog . It was very nice blog to learn about SEO.

  4. Nice blog for SEO beginner .I just started learning SEO.Now's a days apart from nice website design , search engine friendliness is also important.

  5. i use ston seo V3 by kata-share.

    Cek it :

  6. if u ask me,use thesis or stone seo..i will use stone seo, :) because stoneseo already responsive also fast loading :) thanks for share

  7. i use SEO template, but the template is indonesian made.
    please give me your tips-trick to make my website more batter. thank's

  8. Awesome collections of templates.These are really very cool in addition to SEO purpose.As a SEO expert i see these templates to be very good and helpful to me.You can get more here template download

  9. Awesome template. It will be the great template for newer blogger. They can use this good template. I must try this in my blog.


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  11. I think this is all nice. keep it up

  12. Can you give us Premium Free Blogger Templates .
    If yes kindly share it here.
    I bookmarked this site.


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