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Google’s Hummingbird Update - The New Way To Enhance User Experience

Google, on its 15th birthday, disclosed a new search algorithm that it has employed, called as the ‘Hummingbird’. The relevance of the name is that it is sharp and swift. The algorithm is designed to be more precise and is retained predominantly to provide faster results based on semantic search. The semantic search differentiates the user intent behind the search from carrying out the search on individual terms.

According to, the Hummingbird update will highlight more on the intention of the user’s search i.e. understanding the keywords entered by the user as a whole and not focusing on one or two matching keywords discretely.

As we know search algorithm is the technical term that is used to name the formula or method that Google employs to give the specific results to the users search by hunting between billions of web pages present and reveals the best results. The major updates by Google do not take place quite often, and the last one was back in 2010 and was called the ‘Caffeine Update’, which was an intense change.

The latest update, ‘Hummingbird’, pays attention to the entire sentence typed i.e. each word in the sentence or the question, not just focusing on the parts of the sentence or just few particular words. And in return come back with more specific, user precise results.

Google’s Hummingbird Update
You must be wondering as a business, blog owner or as an SEO expert – do I have to be concerned about this change? The answer to this will be an amalgamation of both- Yes and No. But the concern, as far as we know, is going to be a positive one. The businesses have been presented with a great deal to look forward to strategically that will help them rank better on page search (PageRank algorithm search is still active). In the real-world of webmasters and others who manage online businesses, all they have to do is identify their USP, which is distinct to their particular business, make sure that it is unique, and just how the USP is employed in every strategy and promotional material, the same way it has to be authoritative even in the online content strategy. The Hummingbird up gradation incorporation in the search engine implies that the conversation search or the semantic mark up will deliberate an advantage; especially in the present situation when it comes to the rescue of index information in products and services.

The New Way To Enhance User Experience

From the user point of view, Hummigbird update is definitely an advantage and is designed to benefit the users the most. It will work in sync with the businesses and websites, by expecting the sites to produce the highest content quality based on the needs of their audience and this will thereby help Google gather organic traffic. At the same time, be the most advantageous to the user. The update is a logical revision in the search engine to isolate the best content from the bad ones.

The Google’s Hummingbird takes flight and is the biggest change employed in the process of search engine. For instance, if you type in “pay your bills through citizens bank and trust bank”, you would be presented with the homepage of Citizens Bank. But now with this advancement and update, you will be awarded with the specific page about paying bills. The second example would include a search for “pizza hut calories per slice” would list the classified search by pizza hut, but now it will present you with the precise menu from pizza hut’s website. The Knowledge Graph is intelligent in a way that it instantly understands when a follow-up search makes reference to the search done previously. To help you better understand this, if you type “pictures of the Washington Monument” and then immediately after that type “how tall is it?”, the search engine will understand that the user is mentioning Washington Monument.

Used since a month...

The Hummingbird has been used since a month now and was publicly announced recently by Google. It is a stated fact that consumers/users have not instigated them to complain or criticize it by stating that Google is no more the same or has lost its efficiency in acquiring the best results. The users have neither appreciated it, though. But it is stated behavioral fact that when things get worse people definitely complain, and when they improve it generally goes unnoticed.

Content will be affected by The Hummingbird

There are three specific ways in which content will be affected by Google’s latest update.

Firstly, the content that goes up on the websites will be the hero here. There was a drastic change two years back that made Google search engine smarter than before. Context or Setting has been smartly integrated in the search process, this makes the search more personalized based on location, device and other local factors. Having said all this, Hummingbird is to further emphasize and highlight the importance of user intent. This update definitely recognizes context, conversational search and understand queries better.

Secondly, the main aim of this new update is satisfying user’s complex intent behind the query. As we mentioned earlier, strategists need to be careful and highlight the USP in the content making sure that it is original and innovative. It has to be profound and opulent so that it can appear in the search results. The websites that concentrates on imparting more information, rather than emphasize more on keywords or phrase, will higher their chances to apper on the top of the list.

Authorship is going to play a significant role with regards to this new update. Hummingbird reinforces several recent changes that have been made. The assimilation of secure search that eliminates keyword data from search results would be the first change and the second would be Google+ progressing a change to authorship. This will ensure or at least make it easier on Google to attribute content back to the author. This makes it important for everyone to take authority of the content into account.

Final words...

Hummingbird, the new Google update is clearly a move towards satisfying users much more than before which gains a better understanding of the structure of the query typed, rather than just plain words. One thing is very clear that content will be the winner here and it will be beneficial for everyone.

Featured images: by Dieter Bohn


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